Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Photo Credit: Stephanie Shirley Photography

Mother’s Day. This is my seventh. Every year I hold up some grandiose expectations of the day. I can be so pragmatic when it comes to my birthday or our anniversary, but for some reason I want more from this holiday. Perhaps I kind of hold it as my annual performance review, a chance to be affirmed that I am indeed doing this motherhood thing well. I want to be congratulated with a bonus in the form of breakfast in bed and the most thoughtful gifts in the world. This year I give over to reality. I embrace that Mother’s Day will be slightly eclipsed by our daughter’s baptism. I will acknowledge that thanks to the brilliant timing of our younger selves it also falls on our twelfth wedding anniversary. It may not be everything, but I still want it to be special.

I am asking for a breakfast at a new favorite restaurant, a gloriously long afternoon nap, and maybe a gift or two.

If you happen to be looking, here are a few of my suggestions:

  1. Breakfast in bed, or at least a hot cup of coffee: On my best day I cannot out-sleep the members of my family. And this year, with a particularly teeny member, I am willing to wake a bit earlier to the reward of her adorable smile. Truth be told, even if I could give into the drowsy embrace of our new king-sized bed, I find the idea of eating breakfast in it less than appealing. I live in the land of bugs. The last thing I want in my sheets are crumbs. But I do enjoy a delicious breakfast prepared by anyone but myself. Last year I explicitly asked for a pastry run to Common Bond. Whatever your perfect morning looks like, I imagine it could always be improved by the addition a piping hot cup of coffee or tea in a pretty mug and breakfast arranged in something beautiful, like this or this. Stop by our store for our full collection of Cuvee Coffee, Smith Tea, and lovely mugs.
  2. Some R&R: I do not think you can find a single person that would not love to be indulged in a little rest and relaxation, especially a mother. Everyone has their favorite way to unwind – yoga, massages, baths, long walks, reading, or simply uninterrupted time in the middle of the day for an episode or two of The Crown.
  3. A special treat: I appreciate the opportunity on Mother’s Day to ask for the thing I do not need but know I would use and enjoy daily. There are times when I want jewelry, usually a delicate necklace. Or times when I want a new bag, particularly one in buttery leather. This year I want a soda stream so I can fill my S’well bottles with my favorite beverage and save the earth from the plethora of soda cans and plastic bottles. I might even need to add one of our new S’well styles to the mix.

Motherhood is a wonderful, exhausting thing. Cheers to celebrating in the midst of dirty diapers, tantrums, laundry, soccer matches, and the rest of life!

Please let us know how we can help you honor the incredible women in your lives with the perfect card and gift.

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