Kazem Khonsari

Kazem Khonsari was born in Iran, and moved to the United States in his twenties, where he and his wife had four children.

Inspired by his passion for travel and collecting art, Kazem opened Lost Pines Art Bazaar in Bastrop, Texas to bring rare Persian art, antiques and rugs to Central Texas.

He has dedicated his life to showing others the intricate design and artistry of Persian carpets. The beautiful carpets available at Lost Pines Art Bazaar are the end result of wool grown across many regions, colored using dyes derived from even broader landscapes and then intricately woven together by skilled artisans, oftentimes taking years of their lives before completion. Each item available in the Lost Pines Art Bazaar collection brings a unique history melding the narrative of strangers into a single piece of art, a physical symbol of the beauty of peace and unity. Khonsari is proud to have created a family-run business and seeks to continue the blend of cultures and artistry found at Lost Pines Art Bazaar.

Saba Khonsari

Saba has spent the majority of her life in Texas. Like her father and her sister, she has a heart for exploration and has enjoyed trekking across the globe.

Her favorite cities are Paris and Isfahan, and she spent time in both France and Iran learning their beautiful languages. After completing her Masters in Social Work, she left with her husband to spend a year teaching in Kigali, Rwanda. Shortly after returning from the magnificent beauty of East Africa, she took a break from her social work career to enjoy motherhood and spend time working with her family at Lost Pines Art Bazaar.

Naseem Khonsari

Naseem Khonsari was born and raised in Texas. It became evident early on that she had a passion for art and an incurable case of wanderlust.

Her travels have taken her across Europe, Australia, Central America, East Africa, and of course, Iran, where she has explored the ancient art of rug making firsthand. After spending time volunteering in an orphanage in Roatán, Hondras, Naseem returned home and began working with her father bringing the vision of Lost Pines Art Bazaar to life. Naseem is also a full time travel agent – if you’d like help planning your next trip email her at naseemkhonsari@travelmation.net.