Thoughtful Gift Giving: How to Create a Personal Gift Registry

We are enjoying the cooler temps here in Texas. It is starting to feel like fall, or at least our version of it. We are making more soup, sipping more tea, and savoring more time outdoors. And the scarves! It is finally time to wear them outside of frigid air-conditioned buildings. There is nothing like a hot, sticky summer to make the slight dip in the thermostat and throngs of mosquitos feel extra sweet.

With Halloween only days away and Thanksgiving close behind, we are readying ourselves for the holiday gift giving season. It might feel early, but we keep our eyes out for thoughtful gifts to give year-round and get especially giddy this time of year! We have written before how much we love to give, and our annual roundup of store gift giving favorites will be up in next month’s blog just in time for your shopping pleasure. With expanded baby, kids, men’s, women’s, kitchen, and home décor selections, we are hopeful you can find something for everyone on your list.

Speaking of lists, remember when you were little and used to write one? We happen to think that you are never too old to write that list asking for exactly what you want. One of my husband and I’s favorite stories from Brené Brown is one she shares from early in her marriage when she was struggling with her husband’s understated way of celebrating her birthday, and her therapist asks her if she has ever told him what she wanted. In short her answer was no, and her therapist asks her, “Don’t you think you’re worth asking?” Now I know I’m butchering the story, but hopefully I am not butchering the gist. We are fans of asking for what you want, and we try to make that a little easier with our online registry, which is not just for new babies and weddings. It is a great opportunity to generate a wish list for the holidays, birthdays, and any other celebration you can imagine. Creating a gift registry is a great way to share some store favorites and inspire shopping for your loved ones.

Setting up a registry is easy:

  1. Go to and click “Create a Registry.”
  2. Sign up by entering your name, email, and creating a password.
  3. Start adding favorites to your registry! Is there something missing online that you want to add to your registry? Just send us an email, and we’ll add the item.

It’s that simple. Once your registry is complete, share it with anyone and everyone that might appreciate the extra information to make sure their gift to you is absolutely perfect. Whether it is just a partner or your parents, or perhaps your entire family or friend group, we hope you have fun making a list this year.

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