Show Your Love: Sweet Picks for All Your Valentines

Happy Valentine’s Day! We’ve said it before, but we love this holiday! Whether you find February 14th cheesy or intoxicating, whether you’re shopping for your love, your best friend, your niece, or your pup (and everyone in between), we’ve stocked the perfect gifts for you to show some love this Valentine’s Day!

Of course we have classics like red candles and rose scented bath products and gorgeous trinket stone necklaces from Lotus Jewelry Studio. The vessels for the candles and bath products are so gorgeous they’re almost a gift in themselves. Sometimes gifting jewelry is tricky, but with sweet stones in both silver and gold, the trinket stone necklaces take out all the guess work. For friends and loved ones that crave the kitchen we have gift boxes from Farmhouse Pottery showcasing authentic Vermont maple syrup with a handcrafted pitcher, or coastal farmed sea salt with a lovely salt cellar.

For something more outside the box, we adore these prints, cards and glasses from ReadBetweenTheLines, Sapling Press & Easy, Tiger. Nothing says love like telling your Valentine you love them, “like Kanye loves Kanye” or giving them a glass that reminds them every day how lucky you are to have them. We are also huge fans of ReadBetweenTheLines prints like “I love you most” and “You are my bucket list,” which say it all in fun, block print.

We are always in search of an excuse to gift a book, and “In My Heart” is a favorite that is just right for this hear-shaped-holiday. It is one of my daughter’s most beloved books, and everyone who opens the books seems to agree. Pick up a copy to share with your child, grandkid, niece or nephew.

Visit us this weekend to explore our store, and find sweet gifts for all your Valentines!

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