A Single Design Resolution: Curate Spaces You’ll Love Longer

In 2017, my personal word of the year is to distill. To get down to the essential, and it is something I have embraced for home design since we bought our home 11 years ago. I only wanted to bring in pieces we love and will use daily. I want to make choices entrenched in my innate style that will inevitably last beyond any trend because I loved them before Pinterest and beyond home design blogs.

One of the most amazing realizations I’ve had as our home’s evolved over a decade of living, is curating spaces you’ll love longer is easier than not.

Here is what I look for, whether buying for our store or our home.

Pieces that are heirloom. Pieces that are built better and last longer with a look you never get over loving. Our vast inventory of hand-knotted Persian carpets are the epitome of this. from Downton Abby to a tour through ancient palaces, you can see how the gorgeous art of rug making lasts through generations. In our home, our carpets have survived dogs and toddlers and adults with wine glasses.

Pieces you cannot stop thinking about. From clothes to candles, I know something is right for my home when I keep going back to it.

Heirloom Cutting Boards by Europe2You

Pieces that make you happy. Sometimes it is practical, like the lovely Europe2You cutting board or the Sobremesa dish that holds our soap over the kitchen sink or the Farmhouse Pottery dog bowls that adorn our kitchen floor. Pieces that make life easier and more beautiful. Sometimes it is ambience, like the ReadBetweenTheLines and Rifle Paper Co. and OneCanoeTwo prints or Paddyway, Lafco and P.F. Candle Co. diffusers and candles tucked around the house.

Everyone’s budget and style and needs are different. And we all can reconnect with what we love and bring it into our home. Visit us in store, shop online, or call us to schedule a personal design consultation. We love helping to curate spaces you’ll love longer!

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