Naseem’s Office Decorating Ideas: New School Supplies for Grown-Ups


I always loved the beginning of school. There is nothing more thrilling than a brand new box of crayons, freshly sharpened pencils, or the crisp page of a new notebook. Even in elementary school I enjoyed organizing my papers under various file tabs in my binder and having everything meticulously placed in my backpack.  As an adult I still joyfully anticipate any errand to purchase more office supplies and organizational “necessities.” Organizing is my happy place.

As we have expanded vendors and paper goods at the store, nothing has made me quite as excited as realizing many of those items would end up on my personal desk. I am always game to an office makeover.

Here are some of our favorites:


  • Calendars & Planners: Meetings and errands seem so much more appealing on Rifle Paper Co.’s beautiful backdrops of calendars and planners
  • Office staples: Haute Papier reinvented scissors and rulers with a stylish twist and Rifle Paper Co. elevated the No. 2 pencil to simply elegant.
  • Candles & Diffusers: Scent transforms a room and completes a space. Take your office up a notch with a diffuser or candle in your signature scent.

Swing by this week to for your own back-to-school supply shopping!


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