Wall Décor Ideas: Styling Your Wall with Our Store Favorites

Photo Credit Read Between The Lines

Photo Credit Read Between The Lines

Nothing personalizes a space more quickly than wall décor. We may have two different approaches to hanging it – Naseem’s is more intuitive, mine is more measured – but we are both addicted to styling our walls. Here are our five picks in store and tips for choosing complementary pieces to create a display wall.

  1. All kinds of prints: Easy, Tiger, Emily McDowell, 1Canoe2, Read Between The Lines, and Rifle Paper Co. are constantly creating brilliant prints that make me want to build extra walls in my house. Naseem created a gallery wall with Rifle Paper Co. city prints to highlight her vast travels. I have a Read Between the Lines “YOU ARE MY BUCKET LIST” tucked amidst some favorite photos of my love, my little and my pup. There is no wrong way to display these prints.
  2. Hand-knotted rugs: Whether a pictoral rug intended for a wall or a beautiful design you want to hang in a prominent place, there is no reason to relegate carpets to the floor.
  3. “Kids” prints: The precious prints from Austin artists Kim Kaiser Art and Piper Press are perfect for every age as is the adorably colorful “friends come in all shapes and colors” print by Yellow Owl Workshop. They would light up a nursery and office wall alike.
  4. Beautiful magnet board: I adore products that are practical and stylish, and our new magnet boards strike that sweet spot.
  5. Art: Beautiful, original, storied. These botanical prints are our kind of art.

Leaf Print

Explore our complete wall décor selections in store, or visit our select prints online at http://Lost-Pines-Art-Bazaar.shoptiques.com/.

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