Finding Home Furnishings: Infusing Classic Style with a Unique Twist

Home Furnishings: Metal butterfly chairs and nesting end tables

Metal butterfly chairs and nesting end tables.

When my husband and I first married we moved into a house sparsely furnished with hand-me-downs from generous family and friends. Our first end table was an overturned Bed, Bath & Beyond box, and a wire rack served as our media console. Over the past decade our home furnishings have undergone a slow evolution. The overstuffed Nubuck leather sofa was loved into retirement and the elegant dining table was passed along to my sister-in-law to make way for a handmade farm table with more endurance. We now have a set of nesting end tables in warm walnut and a built-in for our television. I can almost see the time lapse of the changes as I type.

Whether designing a space from the ground up, slowing curating a collection of furnishings as time and finances allow, or evolving a space to meet changing needs, every home can benefit from finding the perfect home furnishings. My personal formula for determining what to buy and where and when is to think about the space, think about how we need to use the space, think about our budget, and ultimately, not lastly, think about what I find beautiful.

Home Furnishings: Leather chair with reversible cushion and bunglo accent pillow.

Leather chair with reversible cushion and bunglo accent pillow.

Naseem and I carry that same perspective as we consider pieces for the store. We look for pieces that strike that balance between functionality and style, quality and design.

Home Furnishings: Antique dresser and modern prints.

Antique dresser and modern prints.

For help finding the perfect home furnishings explore our store, or call (512-985-6403) to book your personal design consultation.

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