Three Ways to Celebrate National Iced Tea Month

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In our home growing up, iced tea is a year-round affair. Brewed extra strong and served over a glass heaping with iced, never sweetened. My mom toted around her specially brewed magic elixir everywhere. I learned early on to eschew tea that was bottled and ask before ordering at a restaurant to determine whether or not it was of a particular brand. My mom is nothing if not an iced tea aficionado.

Whether you share such unwavering passion, or are an occasional sipper when the weather gets particularly warm, whether you prefer to swig your tea extra sweet or keep it au natural, now is the time to take a moment to celebrate this brew. In fact, someone wisely determined an entire month to celebrating iced tea.

Here are three ways we’ll be celebrating our mom’s favorite beverage:

  1. What to brew: Anything. We’re particular fans of Ahmad’s herbal green teas, fruit-infused black teas and our new selection of Smith iced teas.
  2. How we brew: We take a note from our mom and start with fresh cold water, boil it and steep tea bag(s) for five minutes. Her rule of thumb is one bag of black tea for every two people. Then add, “Lots and lots and lots of ice,” pour some tea and thin with water based on personal preference.
  3. Make it yours: Sweeten, or not, add sprigs of fresh mint or basil, and add in some fruit to compliment your flavor of choice. The possibilities are endless. You can spike it or mix it up, Arnold Palmer style.

How will you be celebrating this month?

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