Saba’s Kids Space Ideas that Will Inspire Every Room in Your Home

Our little house has evolved a lot over the years, especially since welcoming our little one. We went from two junk rooms to one to none, as nothing will crowd out your excess like a tiny person. Our office converted to a nursery and then our room switched to our daughter’s as we learned our home needs better. We slowly replaced our hand-me-downs with carefully curated pieces.

Our daughter’s nursery was the first space I loved in our home. We transitioned our office to her first room, and what started as a modest evolution became a carefully curated space where each piece was thoughtfully placed. Then our little grew bigger and we swapped rooms with her and transitioned her spot to one that could hold a crib, a bed and room to read and play – a tall order for a small space.

The lessons I learned from designing her nursery have spread throughout the house.

Storage and style are not mutually exclusive:

Saba’s Kids Space Ideas that Will Inspire Every Room in Your Home

Old homes lack closets, so I found I needed to either get comfortable with clutter or develop a strategy to display things that would otherwise be tucked away. From cotton balls and soaps in the bathroom to flour and sugar in the kitchen to toys in our daughter’s room – I find I enjoy having easy access to well stored everyday items. And I adore her two walls, lined from top to bottom with books.

(Emily McDowell, Though She Be But Little Print, 8” x 10”)

Mirrors and plants, everywhere:

Saba’s Kids Space Ideas that Will Inspire Every Room in Your Home

Nothing has made our house feel homier or roomier than adding mirrors and plants to every room. I love how much brighter everything is with the addition of some strategically placed mirrors, not to mention their gorgeous aesthetic. And although I lack a green thumb, I’ve found I enjoy the weekly ritual of watering the plants. And I’ve embraced the mantra of treating our houseplants like glorified flowers – I’m elated when they survive and I’m easier with the losses when a few do not.

(Kalalou, Reclaimed Teak Wood Sunburst Mirror; HomArt Gemini Ceramic Vase)

Persian carpets are for every room:

Saba’s Kids Space Ideas that Will Inspire Every Room in Your Home

For the first year, the nursery had a cheap jute rug. It looked nice, but it was rough and impractical and did not last past the inevitable messes of having a little. When we added a Persian rug, it was lovely and soft and held up to life. We can lie on our tummies and read books or play blogs to our hearts content and not worry over inevitable accidents.

(Persian Carpet; And Then, Story Starters by M.H. Clark)

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