Saba’s 2016 New Year’s Resolutions: Daily Rituals

Saba's New Year's Resolutions

Last year was BIG. I felt like I could not fit one more thing into each day or week or month, and then I did. In the midst, or perhaps because, of all the things I realized the importance of daily rituals – tedious, one-more-thing-to-do, nourishing daily rituals. Here are a few I resolve on committing to this year.

Write every day: Like any good resolution, this is something I have thought about doing for years. This time I got an early start and started practicing my resolution back in October. The Rifle Paper Co. notebooks make a beautiful spot to put pen to paper each day. Plus they look lovely on a night stand.

Yoga at home: Yoga is grounding for me and heaven for my back. I love practicing in class, but sometimes travel or time (or both) necessitate unrolling my mat at home. Plus, a home practice is an ideal time to play with something particular. I resolve to unroll my lovely Magic Carpet Yoga Mat daily, even if only for five minutes, and enjoy a little solitary asana.

Drink more water: When we lived in Rwanda I did an excellent job toting around a water bottle, which I filled and emptied twice each day. Unfortunately that habit has gone by the wayside. This year I resolve to resurrect the habit and keep my shiny S’well bottle nearby.

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