Saba’s Picks: Good Christmas Gifts for 2015

Good Christmas Gifts for 2015

The holidays are a special time, and I really enjoy the process of curating good Christmas gifts for my friends and family. Here are some ideas intended to inspire you and delight others. – Saba

Best Gifts for Wee Ones:

Grazing Giraffe Stool, handcrafted in Kenya by Ten Thousand Villages ($89). This is the perfect gift for our little – giraffes hold a special sentimental value to us, and like most toddlers my daughter is determined to do all things on her own. I love being able to help facilitate her independence with this sweet stool.

Gift Ideas for Travelers:

Duffle ($210) and Dopp Kitt ($50) in cork dash handmade in San Francisco by Spicer Bags, Animalia Luggage Tag ($14) handcrafted in India by Ten Thousand Villages ($14). For my brother – something to encourage his wanderlust.

Best Gifts for Women: “I am not afraid. I was born to do this.” 8×10-inch Joan of Arc quote print made in the USA by Emily McDowell ($22). A perfect nod to one of my girlfriends who just embarked on the next leg of her journey – something that will have to suffice until throwing a parade in her honor becomes a feasible gift.

Nama Teardrop Cascade necklace made from upcycled brass is crafted in Kenya by Raven + Lily ($92). I want this gift for me! I love the delicate layered look and knowing I can feel good wearing a product that combines such impeccable taste and production standards.

The Bam Jam all-natural speaker created by a Haitian bamboo cooperative ($18). An easy, beautiful, practical gift that can be used everywhere from the kitchen to the pool.

Higuerilla Bowl with Handles crafted by fair trade artisans by Sobremesa ($120). For my friend who loves to entertain and brings a sense of ease, class and elegance to every meal she hosts.

Earl Grey tea by Ahmad Tea ($4), Earl Grey travel tin candle hand-poured in the USA by K. Hall ($10) and International Collection Coaster Rugs made in the USA ($20). A fun bundle of appreciation for my daughter’s wonderful teachers.

“Breathe or don’t. I’m just a tote bag.” poster print by Emily McDowell Studio ($20) and Turquoise Traditional Magic Yoga Mat ($98). For my sister-in-law and her budding yoga practice. Namaste.

Gift Ideas for Women Who Host:

Loblolly Pine original cast bronze by Michael O’Brien ($250) or “Romeo” Alpaca limited edition of 50 cast bronze by John Maisano ($635). This year we’re embracing a “family gift” and splurging on something the whole family can enjoy together – travel, music and art, the things that bring us the most joy.

“Food of Life: Ancient Persian and Modern Iranian Cooking and Ceremonies” by Najmieh Batmanglij ($54.95). For the friend with the exotic palette and adventurous spirit who will embrace this delicious recipe collection by the expert of Persian cuisine.

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