Salam, Y’all!

If you haven’t been to our gallery yet, we hope you can stop by. If you have, then you have probably gathered our love of the Persian culture, specifically its deep history in the art of hand knotted carpets and gorgeous handcrafts. You may have also observed our appreciation of  fine craftsmanship in many other forms, such as ornately carved antique European furniture and fine bronze sculpture.

At Lost Pines Art Bazaar we have a passion for culture and art. Our gallery’s story is below & we  invite you in to this journey with us.

Lost Pines Art Bazaar is my life story. The bringing together of Persian art, including hand woven rugs, metal and wood art pieces and western bronze sculptures in “The Most Historic Small Town in Texas” might seem like an unusual combination. Those who appreciate the story of carpets will understand.  Beautiful carpets are the end result of wool grown across many regions, colored using dyes derived from even broader landscapes and then intricately woven together by skilled artisans, oftentimes taking years of their life before completion. Each on brings a unique history melding the narrative of strangers into a single piece of art, a physical symbol of the beauty of peace and unity. Texas is a perfect complement to the complexity of a rug’s history, a vast state blending the individual lives and cultures from across the world into a  single hope of rugged freedom. I became a thread in that tapestry almost three decades ago. I was born in Iran, but after moving to the United States in my twenties, my wife and I quickly settled in Southeast Texas. Three of my four children were born in Texas. My first grandchild is now a second-generation Texan. The two strongest threads in my life are Iran and Texas, my past and my present. Lost Pines Art Bazaar is a tribute to that history.

In the coming months, we intend to share our thoughts on all of the above, and we would love your feedback on it.

Until then…

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